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Finally done

2010-04-04 05:47:50 by DeadGhost

Making a loader, I know how to make one now...for now heres the first screen of the movie..i might be working on it still..anyways time to start working on it! :D

PS :I hate how there's only gif and jpg..they both suck for quality!

Finally done

Ok im back from my holiday

2010-03-30 23:00:22 by DeadGhost

Im gonna start a animation with mario well...getting killed allot...

for about 1 week because I have to go to a trip with family..


2010-03-16 00:43:23 by DeadGhost

I got a great score on my newgrounds flash animation.

So Far so good..

2010-02-05 10:36:26 by DeadGhost

Well its finally done...

Flash: A hammer brother.

(Shit I forgot to change the title for my flash animation)